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Buying Craigslist used cars for under $1100 – How to find good Craigslist cars for sale for less than $1100

For many people, a vehicle purchase is the largest purchase that one will make during their lifetime aside from a home. According to energy.gov, the average cost of purchasing a new domestic vehicle is around $22,600 while the current price of a new import vehicle is slightly less than $29,000. Once you factor in finance charges and all of the other costs of owning a new vehicle, you are looking at paying a significant amount of money.

One way to avoid paying so much for a vehicle is to purchase used. A used vehicle will still serve its purpose and will cost you much less per month. Craigslist used cars can be purchased for under $1100. Imagine, paying cash for your vehicle and never having a car payment again. Many Americans are turning to Craigslist cars for sale as a way to save money due to a reduction in income or having bad credit. To some, purchasing a vehicle for under $1100 may seem impossible. Personally, I have purchased and sold dozens of vehicles on Craigslist for under $1100. Many of the vehicles that I have purchased for personal use have lasted for many years with minimum repair. When it comes to cutting expenses, purchasing a used vehicle is perhaps the best way to save hundreds of dollars per month. While many people cut expenses such as phone bills and premium cable packages, purchasing a used car is perhaps the easiest way to reduce your monthly expenses without making much of a sacrifice.

In order to find a good Craigslist car for less than $1100, you must know a little bit about automobiles. If you are not mechanically inclined or have no idea how a vehicle should operate, it would be a great idea to bring along a friend or family member who does. Spending over $1000 on a vehicle is a lot of money to waste if you purchase a bad use car.

Search Craigslist for vehicles that are priced at less than $1100 by using the price range feature when searching. Depending on the area that you live, there’ll be anywhere from a few dozen listings per day to a few hundred listings each day. Personally inspect all vehicles that interest you and have the vehicle inspected by a mechanic before making a choice. Check the Kelly Blue Book value of the vehicle before making a purchase. Websites such as Edmunds.com can also provide helpful buying advice, reviews, and pricing for any vehicle that you are interested in. Once you have determined a fair price for the vehicle, make the owner an offer. If the owner accepts the offer, have the title notorized by a public notary.

Contrary to popular belief, purchasing Craigslist used cars for under $1100 is in fact possible. Each day there are dozens of new Craigslist cars for sale listed in the classified section. Finding a good used car is not as simple as picking one out and buying it. It is very important to have the vehicle inspected and even perform a vehicle history report prior to making a purchase.

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