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Craigslist cars for sale offers free classified advertising for car and truck sellers – Using Craigslist for cars and trucks cuts advertising cost

If you have an old vehicle that you are looking to sell, you may find out that advertising using conventional methods can be one of the most expensive costs when it comes to selling your used vehicle. Conventional methods of advertising such as newspapers, magazines, and other forms of paid advertisement can cost you as much as a couple hundred dollars per month. When the vehicle that you are selling is worth less than $700, spending $200 or more in advertising costs may seem a bit impractical. When it comes to saving money on advertising, you do have additional options.

Craigslist cars for sale is quickly becoming the preferred way to post car advertisements online. With nearly 3/4 of America owning a home computer and having an Internet connection or access to the interent, advertisements such as magazines and newspapers are quickly becoming obsolete. Many Americans know that when it comes to purchasing a used vehicle, searching Craigslist for cars is the way to go. The main reason why Craigslist has become so popular in recent years is because they do not charge sellers (in most areas) a fee for creating a listing. By not charging a fee, this encourages many sellers to post items. Craigslist is one of the most viewed websites on the Internet and is gaining popularity each day as more people around the world discover how powerful of a tool this can be. In fact, according to Alexa.com, Craigslist’s traffic ranking is number 31 when compared to all other websites on the Internet. This website did not gain popularity overnight. It took Craigslist nearly 13 years to become as large as it is today.

You may be interested to know how Craigslist makes their money if they do not charge to post advertisements. While Craigslist is free in many areas, there are some areas where you must pay for an advertisement on Craigslist. A fee is charged for certain sections in certain areas. For instance, Craigslist charges a fee of $75 to post an advertisement in the San Francisco Bay area jobs section. Jobs posted in areas such as Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, New York,  Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, San Diego, Seattle, South Florida, and Washington DC, are subject to a $25 fee. At this time, Craigslist does not list any fees in the car and truck for sale by owner section. This is great news for anyone who is interested in selling a vehicle.

Cutting advertising costs can be a great way to put more money back into your pocket. In the past, I have personally spent nearly $400 on newspaper advertising in an attempt to sell an $800 car. After finding out about Craigslist, I post all of my vehicles for free and they actually sell much quicker than listing them in the newspaper. Craigslist cars for sale are an incredible way to save on advertising costs. Millions of people search Craigslist for cars and trucks each day which makes this an incredibly powerful advertising tool. Take advantage of Craigslist today and save hundreds of dollars when advertising your vehicle.

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