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Browsing Craigslist for cars and deciding on an engine type – Craigslist cars for sale 4 Cyl, V6 or V8?

When browsing Craigslist for cars, many shoppers wonder how big of an engine they really need. With so many Craigslist cars for sale, making even the smallest decision can be challenging. Choosing an engine that is not congruent with your needs can end up costing you hundreds of dollars more per year in gasoline.

In recent months, there has been little talk about high gas prices. If you recall a few years ago, gasoline prices became unreasonable when they reached four dollars plus per gallon. At this time, many car dealerships were practically given away vehicles with large gas consuming engines. Today with the gas prices at a reasonable rate, many people do not think about this. Before going out and purchasing a vehicle that gets poor gas mileage, you may want to consider your ability to pay for gasoline if the prices were to rise. The difference in fuel mileage between a four cylinder and an eight cylinder can be nearly twice as much.

When choosing an engine size, you may want to set your ego aside and think about how large of an engine you really need. With today’s high performing four cylinder engines, you can get both performance and fuel efficiency. Four cylinder engines gained a bad reputation in the early days because they lacked power. Today’s four-cylinder engines are much more powerful than they were 30 years ago. The four-cylinder engine would be a great choice if you plan to purchase a daily driver. The cost of fuel can really add up and by purchasing a four-cylinder, you can really reduce your fuel consumption.

The next step up from a four-cylinder engine is a V6 engine. A V6 engine offers a bit more performance than a four-cylinder but generally consumes more gasoline. If you are debating between an eight cylinder and a four-cylinder, a V6 engine may be a great option. V-6 engines generally perform better than four-cylinder’s, giving you the extra power just in case you need it. While a V6 engine may not perform as good as a V8, it will get considerably better gas mileage.

The V8 engine is a great choice, especially if you are planning to purchase a truck and plan to use the truck for hauling items. The V8 engine consumes the most gasoline but this may be necessary depending on what you plan to use the vehicle for. If you plan to purchase a truck for light hauling such as occasional weekend projects, purchasing a V6 truck may be a good option. If you plan to use this vehicle to haul heavy building materials or even a trailer, the V8 engine could be a better choice.

When searching Craigslist for cars, you will want to keep in mind the size of the engine that the vehicle comes with. Craigslist cars for sale are a great way to save hundreds or even thousands on your next vehicle purchase. When it comes to choosing a vehicle, be sure to also consider the annual cost to fuel the vehicle.

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