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Choosing Craigslist cars for sale instead of a trade in – Turning to Craigslist for cars sale and saving thousands

When purchasing a new vehicle, many folks simply trade in their old vehicle for a credit towards a new vehicle. Unfortunately, some car dealerships take advantage of their shoppers by purchasing a vehicle for dirt cheap and selling it to turn a high profit. By choosing Craigslist cars for sale, you can sell your own vehicle and get the most money for it. Turning to Craigslist for cars is a great way to squeeze an extra couple of thousand dollars out of your old vehicle.

If you have decided to purchase a new vehicle, make a smart decision and let the car dealer know that you are not interested in selling your old vehicle. Simply negotiate a price on a new vehicle and save your vehicle for Craigslist. While this is a great way to save thousands of dollars, many individuals do not want to deal with the hassle of selling a used vehicle. For these people, trading in a vehicle may be a great option. For others, it is necessary to trade in their old vehicle in order to afford a new vehicle. It is up to you, the buyer to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for seling a vehicle for sale by owner.

Assuming that you have decided to sell your own vehicle on Craigslist and save all of that money, you must understand that selling a vehicle does take a bit of work. For starters, you must clean a vehicle thoroughly inside and out.

If you do not wish to clean the vehicle, you’ll have to pay someone to detail it. In past years, one of the most difficult and expensive parts of selling a for sale by owner vehicle was advertising costs. Today, Craigslist has broken down this barrier and allows sellers in most areas to post an advertisement at no cost. Posting an advertisement on Craigslist cost absolutely nothing in most areas.

Once your vehicle has been cleaned, snap a few pictures with your digital camera and upload them to your computer. Create a Craigslist account and get started posting your advertisement for your vehicle. Use your creative writing skills to create an advertisement that will catch the attention of the reader. In addition, you’ll want to insert a few pictures from your digital camera. Craigslist will allow you to post up to four pictures in your advertisement. While writing your ad, be sure to include contact information within your ad. If you would not like to include an e-mail address or phone number, simply check the reply to Craigslist option.

Craigslist posts advertisements with the most recent advertisement first. This puts you at a disadvantage whenever you have not updated your ad. Every 30 days, you should go back and repost your ad on Craigslist cars. Search Craigslist for cars and see if your advertisement still appears. If not, you’ll want to go back and update it.

With a little bit of effort and some patients, selling a vehicle on Craigslist is not very difficult. Visit Craigslist.org to get started with your car selling adventure.

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