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Browsing Craigslist for cars and finding a great deal – The importance of obtaining a vehicle history report when purchasing Craigslist cars for sale

When browsing Craigslist for cars, getting a vehicle history report can be one of the best choices you ever make. Purchasing craigslist cars for sale without getting a history report can leave you with a real lemon.

In recent years, the vehicle history report has made its appearance. In previous years, purchasing a used vehicle was a bit of a crapshoot because there was no way of telling the past history of a vehicle. With today’s vehicle history reports, you are able to get a glimpse into your vehicles past history. While a vehicle history report will not tell you everything about a vehicle, it can give you some insight and clues as to what type of life your vehicle has lived. A vehicle history report can give you information on:



-odometer issues

-number of owners

-whether it was a fleet or rental car

-airbag deployment

-service records

-frame damage

-whether the vehicle was a total loss

-if the vehicle is a lemon

-many other important facts

A vehicle history report relies on information obtained during events such as vehicle registration or accidents. Each vehicle has an identification number that is unique to that particular vehicle. Much like a Social Security number is to US citizens, a vehicle identification number or VIN number identifies a particular vehicle based on a 17 character number that is located on the drivers side dashboard or in other areas such as under the hood or on the engine. On the majority of vehicles, the number is located on the driver side dashboard and can be seen by looking down the front windshield onto the dashboard. This number is important because you will need it when performing a vehicle history report online.

Obtaining a vehicle history report is relatively simple. If you find a vehicle on Craigslist that you are interested in and would like to purchase it, first write down the 17 digit VIN number. There are several websites online that allow you to check the number and pull up a vehicle history report. Some examples of websites that allow you to perform a vehicle history report are Carfax.com and Autocheck.com. Both of these websites will allow you to check out the vehicle that you are interested in.

As for price, Carfax offers a one-time report four $34.99 and also offers five Carfax reports for only $10 more. If you are shopping around for a used vehicle and are considering several vehicles, it would be a great choice to pay $44.99 and purchased the five report package. Autocheck is slightly cheaper and offers a single report for $29.99 and also unlimited reports for $44.99. They also offer unlimited reports with title guard for $59.99. The title guard insurers up to $50,000 against losses resulting from defective titles for the entire time that you own your vehicle.

When it comes to purchasing a used vehicle, any package that you go with will cost you less than $50. This is a small price to pay when it comes to knowing a little bit about the vehicle that you are about to purchase. When looking around Craigslist for cars, keep a vehicle history report in mind. Craigslist cars for sale are a great way to save money when purchasing a used vehicle, however; you must always use caution when purchasing a used vehicle. A vehicle history report is a great way to set your mind at ease when shopping around for a cheap craigslist car.

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